Match Report: Nabisco Cup Group B Round 5: FC Tokyo vs. Montedio Yamagata

J.League Division 1 Week #
First Half
0 – 1Second Half
3 – 0

3 – 1

June 3th 2009, 7:30PM Kickoff at Kokuritsu Stadium (Shinjuku, Tokyo) Attendance 14,259
GK 20 Shuichi Gonda
DF 14 Hokuto Nakamura
DF 4 Bruno Quadros
DF 15 Daishi Hiramatsu
DF 25 Yuhei Tokunaga
MF 28 Takuji Yonemoto
MF 10 Yohei Kajiyama
MF 18 Naohiro Ishikawa
MF 27 Sotan Tanabe
FW 9 Cabore
FW 13 Sota Hirayama
Starting Members
GK 21 Taishi Endo
DF 14 Takuya Miyamoto
DF 22 Takuya Sonoda
DF 23 Hidenori Ishii
DF 13 Tatsuya Ishikawa
MF 16 Kim Byung-Suk
MF 19 Masaru Akiba
MF 5 Takumi Watanabe
MF 29 Tomoyasu Hirose
FW 15 Yu Hasegawa
FW 6 Kohei Miyazaki
29′ 33 Kenta Mukuhara (for Hokuto Nakamura)
71′ 19 Yohei Otake (for Sotan Tanabe)
76′ 24 Shingo Akamine (for Cabore)
Substitutes 43′ 17 Kentaro Sato (for Masaru Akiba)
Half 20 Ryo Kobayashi (for Kim Byung-Suk)
76′ 7 Katsuyuki Miyazawa (for Takuya Miyamoto)
57′ Yohei Kajiyama
63′ Cabore
71′ Cabore
Goals 3′ Tomoyasu Hirose
17′ Sota Hirayama
43′ Kenta Mukuhara
Cautions 32′ Takuya Sonoda
44′ Takuya Miyamoto
51′ Kentaro Sato


For once, Tokyo fans were treated to a come-from-behind victory against Montedio Yamagata on a Wednesday night game at Kokuritsu.  Tokyo came out of the gates… poorly, to say the least, allowing a goal in the 3rd minute when the defense plain collapsed.  Tokyo spent the next 30 minutes or so plodding along before finally gaining some semblance of structure.

Whatever coach Jofuku told the team at halftime seemed to kick in, however, as the team struck back with a vengeance in the second half.  Our favorite player to bitch about, Yohei Kajiyama, came up big in the 57th minue with a beauty of a strike to tie the game.  6 minutes later Cabore displayed incredible follow-through effort in scoring the tiebreaker, and 8 minutes after that sealed the deal with his second goal of the game.

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