Jubilo Iwata pursuing Akamine

Several newspapers are reporting that Jubilo Iwata has made an offer to FC Tokyo forward Shingo Akamine.

Jubilo recently lost its star forward, South Korean national Lee Keun-Ho, when he was acquired by French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain.  While Akamine scored a team-leading 18 goals for FC Tokyo last season, he has played a reduced role so far this year as Hirayama's form has improved.

In an earlier game this season, Akamine scored the lone goal of a rain-soaked match to lead Tokyo to a 1-0 victory against Iwata.


2 thoughts on “Jubilo Iwata pursuing Akamine”

  1. hey dokool,
    do you know anything about Hokuto?
    is he injured again?
    I don’t see him in the last games…

    Ben – SUPER Avispa!-Blog

  2. Ben,

    He did take a bad knock in the Yamagata match a month ago, hence why he was substituted early in that game. The note from the team a day after the match said that he was examined at the hospital, had taken a knock, and would join the team as soon as the pain stopped. His last injury took far longer than expected for him to overcome so who knows.

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