News Roundup: Cabore's Departure, Nabisco Tickets, Kyot

I'm a little busy so I've fallen behind on postings, here's the latest from Tokyo:

-Cabore has officially signed with Qatar club Al Arabi, with a reported transfer fee of 500 million yen (roughly $5.5 million at the current exchange rate).  The club has offered a formal apology to fans for not being able to set up a proper farewell from the star forward, and he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the fans and support for the club in a message published on the team website.

-Nabisco Cup tickets went on sale on Saturday morning at 10AM and were completely sold out less than an hour later.  The stage is set for a packed house at Kokuritsu on November 3rd

-Tokyo lost 1-2 to Kyoto.  In addition Hirayama recieved his 4th yellow, meaning he will be out for the Gamba match.  Let's move on until I have time to compose all of my thoughts.


One thought on “News Roundup: Cabore's Departure, Nabisco Tickets, Kyot”

  1. Sold out in less than an hour? Try less than a minute dokool! I wanted to buy some tickets for mates, was at a 7/11 on the stroke of 10, no dice, rushed off to a Family Mart, was there by 10 past, again nothing doing! Obviously a lot of tickets are being held for Tokyo and kawasucker members, but I was stunned I couldn’t get any at all.
    On Cabore, its a shame to see him go, not coz he was having a great season or anything, but just because he at least posed a threat and we are gunna be stuck with Akamine and Fatty the rest of the way. No chance we’ll finish top four now, that was obvious even before the kyoto game.

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