The Season Begins! New Faces Part 1

With the team firmly encamped in Miyazaki Prefecture (save for the 4 members who are currently with the National Team), there’s really not much to report on unless I want to translate the fluff articles on Chuunichi (which I don’t), talk about how Nao is injured again (which I don’t) or lament the failings of our national team (really, really, really, really don’t).

So now, late but still in time for the season opener, here’s info on Tokyo’s new faces courtesy of the official website. This first post will cover Japanese rookies, with the next post covering everyone else.

Kentaro Shigematsu

Age: 18
Postion: Forward
Previous club: FCT U-18
Info: A strong center-forward with the ability to create chances under pressure. Kentaro has contributed to the FCT U18’s success in the last three years and was an U-18 NT player in 2009. He’ll be wearing Akamine’s old number, #24.

Hideto Takahashi

Age: 22
Position: Center Back
Previous Club: Tokyo Gakuin University
Info: Takahashi, a Special Designation Player w/ FCT, has been named to the All-Japan College Team for 3 years in a row. A level-headed decision-maker whose accurate passes are often the start for counter-attacks. In a sign of the team’s confidence in his skills, Hideto will wear #4, Bruno’s old number.

Ryo Hiraide

Age: 18
Position: All-Around Defender
Previous Club: FCT U-18
Info: A teammate of Shigematsu’s on the U-18 NT, Ryo Hiraide is a physically equipped all-around defender.  He’ll inherit #25 from Tokunaga.

Takumi Abe

Age: 18
Position: Side Back
Previous Club: FCT U-18
Info: With his small stature and high speed, Abe fits the mold of Yuto Nagatomo and could fill his position during NT absences.

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