Site Upgrades Complete! & New Material

After quite a bit of wrestling with the bitch-demons known as CSS, I not only fixed the header issue again but the site finally has a proper navigation menu!

The new navigation bar is divided into 4 sections:

-HOME brings you back to the front page. I never took the time to set it up until now! Sorry bout that.

-FC Tokyo Culture will focus on everything that takes place in the stands and off the field

-Team Info will house information on players and staff as well as basic team information and other need-to-know things

-Supporter Guides are all about how to watch the game in whatever fashion you feel is appropriate: whether at the stadium, in the pub, or on your TV/computer at home.

-TOKYO DAMACY 1999 is… well, that will be announced within a few days 😉

I also finally wrote out the page on Pro-FCT bars and pubs in Tokyo, which can now be accessed from the Supporter Guides tab. I’ve written out info on three locations so far, feel free to post a comment if you have suggestions for more bars I should include!

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