Yonemoto injures left knee in practice, could be lost for season

This is certainly not the news Tokyo fans were expecting to hear…

After a hard collision in front of a goal during an intra-team practice game, midfielder Takuji Yonemoto had to be carried off the field by trainers. He was examined today and based on the report on FC Tokyo's website, his injuries very much mirror those that Ishikawa sustained last season (namely, a partial ACL tear on his left knee and meniscus damage).

The difference, however, is that that the two character that form the word “partial” were not present in the team's announcement for Yonemoto's test result, leading us to believe that the dreaded “2nd Year Jinx” has hit last year's Nabisco Cup MVP in the worst of ways.

At worst, this could mean that Yonemoto will have to sit out the 2010 season, which would be a devastating blow to the team and to the young star. While Kajiyama has finally rejoined the team in his practice regimen, he still may not yet be battle-ready and thus Tokyo may be without the pillars of its formation for the beginning of the season.

Formation-wise it's now pretty likely that Matsushita will start, and depending on how ready Kim is, Jofuku could choose to start him at CB and move Konno back to his old position of volante. Hiramatsu could play a factor too… the next week will be a tough one for Jofuku, but despite the severity of the potential loss I still don't think it's as bad as last year's GK situation.

There will be many cranes folded tonight in the capital city. More to come when I have it.


3 thoughts on “Yonemoto injures left knee in practice, could be lost for season”

  1. Gutted! I thought he brought real balance to our midfield last year. With Asari gone, we don’t have a dedicated defensive midfielder, and will miss his aggression and work-rate.

    I don’t really know what type of player Matsushita is, but Konno reads the game well and I’d be happy to see him back in midfield, with a centre-back pairing of Morishige and Hiramatsu.

  2. That is an absolute tragedy. Hope Yone will be back in the second half of the season. In the meantime, Bobby Mann, you’re right, Konno has to go back into the centre of midfield. Thats his natural position and he will be the anchor that allows Casualyama to just wander round where he pleases.
    As for the hole Konno would be leaving in the centre of defence, I can’t say from the limited chances he had last season that I’m convinced by Hiramatsu, but hopefully he will “pull a Gonda” and rise to the occasion and extra responsibility. Surely between him, Morishige and Kim we can come up with a decent pairing in the middle.

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