Season Opener tomorrow! Umbrellas, lineups, and captains

All you need to know about tomorrow's match vs. Yokohama FM, in bullet point form:

  • Shunsuke Nakamura will not be playing, but apparently TBS will have a fixed camera getting his reaction or so say people on Twitter
  • It's going to rain, so bring an umbrella – particularly red or blue umbrellas if you have one!
  • Expected lineup tomorrow: Gonda; Mukuhara, Morishige, Konno, Nagatomo; Nakamura, Tokunaga, Matsushita, Hanyu; Hirayama, Suzuki
  • Kajiyama and Ishikawa will probably be on the bench but could show up in the second half
  • More Twitter rumors but Tokunaga may be the captain for this season?
  • Omiya tickets on sale tomorrow at 10AM! These are expected to go as fast if not faster than tickets to the Urawa game so buy early!

2 thoughts on “Season Opener tomorrow! Umbrellas, lineups, and captains”

  1. Thanks for the update. Mukuhara, Nagatomo and Tokunaga to all start? Tokunaga moving into midfield (on the right, I guess) is a bit of a weird one. Of the three, he seems the least adventurous going forward.

    And is there any reason for Hanyu losing the captaincy (other than his inability to last a full 90mins)?

  2. Surprised Konno isn’t moving back into midfield. If you are Hiramatsu or Kim you have got to be gutted about that. Looking forward to seeing what Matsushita is all about, and hopefully an appearance from Ricky.

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