Aishiteru Tokyo & On The Gas present Gas Talk!

There's some stuff to report; Tokyo is currently in training camp in Kyushu, playing a bunch of training matches that don't really matter because they're training matches.

More importantly, I've started on yet another project! Last Thursday I joined forces with Ben and Graham from On The Gas to record the first episode of Gas Talk, the world's first (and only as far as we know) FC Tokyo-centric podcast.

In this episode, we introduce ourselves, talk a bit about Tokyo's history and their troubles in 2010, and talk quite a bit about offseason moves and tactical predictions for 2011. It was very fun to make, and I hope you guys have fun listening to it as well!

And if you'd like to save it to your hard-drive, you can use this handy direct link. We hope to be listed on iTunes and all that good stuff in the near future, but until then you can manually subscribe to the podcast using this RSS link if that's your sorta thing.

We're all still very new to this (well, at least to the idea of an FCT-centric podcast; Ben is an old hand at the whole podcasting thing!) so if you do listen, please let us know what you like and didn't!


4 thoughts on “Aishiteru Tokyo & On The Gas present Gas Talk!”

  1. by and large I agree with what you guys were saying in the pod cast. I agree with the others Dan when they say that they’re concerned largely for this season, that it is definitely the most important season that FCT have had to play in their existence as a team. if the team can win J2 early in the season then there will be nothing but a bright future for them, BUT if the team fails to think simply for this season, and this season only, then it threatens to lose promotion and possibly stay in J2 for another year, maybe more. the team needs to just attack and focus for the next ten months on beating the teams which have never had a whiff of J1 action quickly and without mercy. JEF United, and Oita would be obvious contenders for the tougher matches, and of course the Kyoto Sanga game with be for revenge, but the others ie Gifu, Tokushima, Ehime et al, one would hope would not be difficult. And Verdy…it would be nice to see the two battle and I’m sure that the League won’t matter during those matches. Things look bright up front this year with three Brazilians making the push. The past is the past, and with the important players staying with the team it “shouldn’t” be a problem, but as we all know, FCT can make it difficult sometimes ;). here we go!

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