FC Tokyo Culture

In addition to documenting what’s taking place on the field, we hope to make Aishiteru Tokyo a resource for what happens in the stands and off the field.

Supporter Songs & Chants

This page is a growing resource for supporter song lyrics and translations.

Official (or close enough) Team Music

Information on the variety of official (or close enough) songs and CDs released over the last few years.

Flags and Banner Archive (Coming Soon)

A detailed collection of the various flags and banners on display at FCT games.

Tifo Archive (Coming Soon)

Large-scale displays at games both home and away

Gate Flag DIY Guide (Coming Soon)

Guide on creating your own gate flag (or two-pin flags as they may be known in the States and elsewhere)

FCT In the Media (Coming Soon)

Books, films, and other FCT-related resources

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