Supporter Guides

On this page you’ll find resources on attending FC Tokyo games including ticket buying, stadium directions, suggestions for sports bars, and more!

Attending FC Tokyo Matches

Everything you wanted to know about going to a game at Ajinomoto Stadium.

Buying Tickets

How to buy tickets for both home and away matches.

Super Guide – Buying Tickets at Lawsons (Coming Soon)

When used properly, the Loppi machines at Lawsons are a fast and convenient way of buying tickets to just about anything… as long as you know how they work.

Access to Alternate Home Grounds (Coming Soon)

In addition to Ajinomoto Stadium, FC Tokyo uses Kokuritsu (Tokyo Olympic Stadium) as well as Komazawa Stadium for some home matches.

FCT-Centric Sports Bars (Coming Soon)

Can’t afford the night bus to Hiroshima for the away match?  Feel like you can’t watch the game unless you’re in a smoky bar surrounded by surly fans?  Then this page is for you!

One thought on “Supporter Guides”

  1. Hi,

    I will be arriving in Tokyo on 20th May and would like to purchase the ticket for F.C Tokyo match on 22 May 16:00 pm.
    Can you advise if I can purchase the ticket before I arrive in Tokyo as I’m afraid the tickets will be sold out. Also, which area I should buy the tickets in order to have a good experience while watching the match together with the F.C Tokyo fans.

    Thank you for your help.


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