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Continuing in my obsession with everything that isn’t happening on the field, this page will cover the various FC Tokyo-related CDs that have been released as well as “official” club songs.

スタジアムへ行こう (Let’s Go To The Stadium)

Played a good 45 minutes or so before every home game, “Stadium e Yukou” (“Let’s Go To The Stadium”) strikes the first-time listener as one of those cheesy corporate theme songs that all Japanese companies think is necessary.  Then you find out that it was recorded by none other than legendary ska ensemble Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.  This is about the same as finding out that the conductor in the Thomas the Tank Engine TV series was none other than foulmouthed comedian George Carlin; it makes the work in question a little better just based on the reputation on the performer, but for the most part you’re just left wondering what the hell all involved were thinking at the time.

According to what I’ve found on the interwebs, the song was first performed by the band in a special pre-game concert before the 2004 season opener.  Since then, it is traditionally played before every FC Tokyo home game.  Ever since the team’s 2004 Nabisco Cup victory against Urawa Reds, Tokyo supporters have been known to sing the tune at Saitama Stadium just to piss off the Reds fans.

At the moment I can’t find any YouTube videos of the full song, but I’ll be sure to get it on camera this season.  In the meantime, here are the lyrics with translation.

Sutajiamu e yukou
Mune ga waku waku
Sutajiamu e yukou
Minna wa doki doki

(first bridge)
Kyou no shiai wa tokubetsu na no sa
Saa mou sugu hajimaru

(second bridge)
Umaku ikanai koto mo aru kedo
Koko ni kureba daijoubu

La la la la la la Vamos Tokyo
La la la la la la El Ciclon
La la la la la la Vamos Tokyo
La la la la la la Mi Corazon

Let’s all go to the stadium
My heart is beating fast
Let’s all go to the stadium
Everybody’s excited

(first bridge)
Today’s match is special
Hey, it’s going to start soon!

(second bridge)
There may be things you aren’t good at
But if you come here it’s alright!

La la la la la la Vamos Tokyo
La la la la la la El Ciclon
La la la la la la Vamos Tokyo
La la la la la la Mi Corazon

Since this song, TSPO has continued to have some influence on FCT supporters.  Fans regularly sing the Lupin the 3rd Theme (famously covered by SkaPara) before the second half of most matches, and Naohiro Ishikawa’s supporter chant is based on the melody of the band’s hit song “Downbeat Stomp.”  In winter of 2009, “Let’s Go To The Stadium” was finally made available for purchase as a cellphone ringtone in conjunction with the band’s new album, Paradise Blue, which featured a cover of the Liverpool and FCT anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone.

The Midwest Vikings – Vamos Tokyo

The Midwest Vikings - Vamos Tokyo! cover

Yusuke Chiba is one of Japan’s most influential vocalists of the last 20 years, having helmed Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, the side project Rosso, and his current band The Birthday.  He’s also an FC Tokyo supporter, and in 2005 collaborated with former TMGE drummer Kazuyuki Kuhara and two unknown musicians to form The Midwest Vikings.  All four band members perform under aliases, wearing FC Tokyo uniforms with custom names as well as sunglasses, bandannas, and sombreros.

The members are as follows (numbers refer to their uniforms):

02 LACOSTE (vocals, guitar)
7 ARNOLD (guitar)
13 TOROY (contrabass)
63 HANG TEN (drums, melodica)

The band’s activity consisted of one live show (August 9th 2005 at Shibuya’s Club Crawl) and the October 5th 2005 release of VAMOS TOKYO!, their first and only maxi-single.  The single consisted of three tracks: VAMOS TOKYO!, Let’s Kick Go Go Blue And Red Boys, and a cover of You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Awesome, is it not?  You can still find the CD in some of the larger stores in Japan.  Tower Records even had a special display to promote the album’s release, featuring the uniforms worn by the band:


Lollapalooza and “City Bred, Two Colors”

City Bred, Two Colors cover

Anxious to make us all forget about the 2007 season, FC Tokyo hired corporate song factory Lollapalooza to create new background music for player introductions, walk-on music, that sort of thing.  Lollapalooza also threw in a new pre-game singalong song in the form of “City Bred, Two Colors,” which makes スタジアムへ行こう sound like a goddamned symphony orchestra in comparison.  Some random Japanese singer with really poor English pronunciation, picking at an acoustic guitar and rambling about something involving how blue and red are the colors of the city and his heart.  Here’s a really poor-quality YouTube video but you’ll probably get the idea.

As for the rest of the CD, here’s the tracklist and what the respective songs are used for:

1.Follow the count (Player warmup entrance music)
2.City bred two colors (You don’t really wanna sit here and listen to this shit, do you? Go get in line for beer before the game starts)
3.Take me to a game (Goalie warmup entrance music)
4.Opening goal (Postgame music)
5.Knights on the field (Player entrance music, first half)
6.Your voices make the stadium go round (Postgame music)
7.Outstanding (Player entrance music, second half)

2009 Nabisco Cup Groups

Editor’s Note – With the 2009 season I hope to make Aishiteru Tokyo even better than it was last year; that is to say even when my life is hectic there will still be fresh content.  To that end I’ve enlisted my good friend Lantis to help out with “maintenance” posting – injury reports, transfer news, YouTube roundups, and all the things I always seemed to never have time to take care of last season.  He’ll also poke me to update my game reports at a regular pace, which will help matters greatly.  Hooray more writers! –dokool

Thanks to a reliable source, it appears that the 2009 Nabisco Cup groups have been decided. This year’s format has two groups of seven teams in a single round-robin set of fixtures, with the top two teams from each group joining the four ACL teams in the knockout stage:

Group A

FC Tokyo
JEF United Chiba
Kashiwa Reysol
Kyoto Sanga FC
Montedio Yamagata
Shimizu S-Pulse (again)
Vissel Kobe

Group B

Albirex Niigata
Oita Trinita
Omiya Ardija
Jubilo Iwata
Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Urawa Reds
Yokohama F. Marinos

Bye to Quarterfinals

Gamba Osaka
Kashima Antlers
Kawasaki Frontale
Nagoya Grampus

From the source, JEF is coming to Ajinomoto (or possibly Kokuritsu), but who the other home matches are isn’t clear. The full J.League schedule should be out later this month, so the timer is ticking for the 2009 season to kick off.

Four FC Tokyo players called up to National Team

Reports coming in that FC Tokyo defenders Yuto Nagatomo and Yuhei Tokunaga as well as midfielders Yasuyuki Konno and Naotake Hanyu have been summoned to the national team's training camp in Chiba prefecture from April 21st to April 23rd. This will be Nagatomo's first time training as a member of the national team. His statement:

To have been selected for the National Team's training camp is an honor. It's because of everyone's support that I am where I am now, and I'm full of gratitude. I look forward to demonstrating my skills at the training camp!

Congratulations to Nagatomo for his first shot at donning the blue kit!

Also as a bonus video, here's one of the ads the SkyPerfectTV has been running to promote Saturday's Tamagawa Classico match against Kawasaki Frontale. I won't lie, it's… pretty inane, but here you go anyway:


04.16.08 Nabisco Cup Group B Result – FC Tokyo 1:1 (0:0) Jubilo Iwata

A much more spirited match than anyone likely expected ended in a draw for the Gasmen as a 10-man Jubilo struck in stoppage time for the equalizer.  The boys in blue and red controlled the pitch for most of the game and got off twice as many shots, but in the end it wasn't enough to get the three points.

Tokyo, running what looked almost like a 4-2-2-2 formation, performed very sloppily in the first 15-20 minutes, turning the ball over several times.  Jubilo was not able to capitalize and Tokyo settled down, peppering the opposing keeper with shots that didn't quite find their way into the net.

Cabore was stretchered to the sideline following a hard tackle in the first half, and while he walked back onto the field he was replaced a few minutes later by Akamine, a troubling sign.  Moniwa fell hard in the second half and took a minute to get back up, but he would go on to stay in the rest of the game.

Akamine's goal in the second half was a beauty and although they weren't able to score a second goal (another troubling sign), the fact that Tokyo outshot Jubilo 15-7 is a promising sign, as are some of the shots from farther out in the box that the team took, particularly an early effort by Nagatomo.  Tokyo's attackers love to get in nice and close for their goals but the sooner more players start emulating strikes like the one Hanyu delivered against Verdy, the better they'll be – otherwise their opponents will be able to thwart them by crowding the box.

Another surprise of the night was Hirayama – Jofuku obviously had enough faith in him following his performance against Verdy to put him back in the starting lineup, and Hirayama showed enough hustle to elicit cheers from the fans several times over the course of the night, several times pushing dangerously close to the Jubilo goal and twice getting a shot off.  If Cabore's early exit turns out to be an injury look for No. 13 to start across from Akamine on Saturday.

Jubilo's goal happened during a 4-minute stoppage time, in a surprise push following NIshi's ejection that didn't quite catch Tokyo off guard but at the same time shouldn't have been allowed to take place to begin with.  If I saw it correctly, Shiota got his hands on the first shot and batted it away, but Jubilo midfielder Komano got the rebound and slammed in the goal.

FC Tokyo

Starting Lineup: Shiota (GK), Tokunaga (DF), Bruno (DF), Moniwa (DF), Nagatomo (DF), Kajiyama (MF), Konno (MF), Kanezawa (MF), Kurisawa (MF), Cabore (FW), Hirayama (FW)

Substitutions: Akamine (Cabore, 35'), Otake (Kurisawa, 62'), Ikegami (Kanezawa, 70')

Goals: Akamine (51')

Yellow Cards: Kurisawa (62')

Jubilo Iwata

Starting Lineup: Kawaguchi (GK), Suzuki (DF), Tanaka (DF), Kayoshi (DF), Komano (MF), Kawamura (MF), Ueda (MF), Naruoka (MF), Nishi (MF), Jiushinyo (FW), Nakayama (FW)

Substitutions: Bandai (Juishinyo, 62'), Inuzuka (Naruoka, 66'), Nanami (Nakayama, 77')

Goals: Komano (89')

Yellow Cards: Suzuki (43'), Tanaka (78'), Nishi (87'), Nishi (89')

Red Cards: Nishi ('89)

Also, while I was taking some photos around the stadium to put on here, I was interviewed by FC Tokyo staffers who put together the matchday programs for their Blue & Red Caravan feature, which is basically little mini-interviews with the fans (in my case, favorite player, how I got into FC Tokyo, etc).  I managed to pull it off in Japanese without sounding like a total retard (or at least they'll edit any retardedness out) and if they're to be believed I'll be featured in the program for Saturday's match against Kawasaki.  I'm… afraid.  But I did mention this blog so here's hoping they include the URL!

In other Group B action, Shimizu S-Pulse apparently curb-stomped a Hulk-less Verdy to the tune of 5:0.  Ouch.  I feel like I should send the guys over at Soilent Green 1969 a funeral wreath or something.


Preview: 04.16 FC Tokyo vs. Jubilo Iwata (Nabisco Cup Group B Prelims)

First, a shout-out to those who have commented so far! I’m adding links to the blogroll as I get them so feel free to get in touch or suggest blogs I haven’t listed yet.

Tomorrow night finds FC Tokyo returning to Ajinomoto Stadium (yeah, I said Kokuritsu in my last post, whoops) as the home team to face Jubilo Iwata in the Group B Preliminary Round of the Nabisco Cup.

The momentum seems to be on FC Tokyo’s side as they’re coming in on a streak of two consecutive division wins, including Saturday’s climactic victory against Verdy and a win against newcomers Consadole Sapporo. Jubilo, on the other hand, has lost two in a row, falling 2-1 to both Consadole and the Urawa Reds, and is plagued by reports of discord among the players. Additionally, FC Tokyo has already defeated the Flycatchers (yes, I looked this up, that is their mascot, although I sincerely hope that’s not how the fans refer to themselves) once this season on the Nabisco away leg. Jubilo is currently at 13th place in J1, while FC Tokyo sits at 7th.

Although it’s only a preliminary qualifier on a weeknight, I expect a stronger than average turnout of Gasheads, buoyed by the result of the Tokyo Derby match, and a token showing by the dedicated Iwata fans, but the decibel level in Ajinomoto should be significantly lower than it was on Saturday night. Good thing for me, as I’ll have class on Thursday morning and I can’t afford to kill my throat.

FC Tokyo will likely play a slightly more conservative game, as the Verdy match was a bruising affair and the team has to save its strength for Saturday’s home match against Kawasaki Frontale, which remains a dangerous side despite their weaker than expected start. On offense, I expect Otake to start on the field after coming off the bench in Saturday’s match, but he’ll get replaced sometime in the second half if Tokyo gets a comfortable lead as his speed and agility will be a necessity against Kawasaki. After getting pulled out of the F. Marinos game and benched against Sapporo, Hirayama was a replacement in the Verdy match and may have proven to coach Hiroshi Jofuku that he’s stopped being, to put it delicately, a whiny bitch. Only time will tell. Hanyu was pulled from the Verdy game with a leg injury and will probably come on from the bench if he makes an appearance, but he’ll more than likely be ready for Saturday. Cabore and Akamine will likely both get playing time, although it’s a fair question as to whether they’ll both start on the field.

On the defensive end, Moniwa may make a return to the lineup following a shoulder injury that kept him out of the Verdy game, and I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Bruno get some playing time after his spirited performance against Consadole two weeks ago. Rookie Nagatomo, who “scored” the winner against Verdy, has consistently performed well on the defensive end and will probably get a start.

So far this season FC Tokyo has run a 4-3-2-1 position with Cabore as striker, but against Verdy ran a 4-3-1-2 that turned into a 4-3-3 when Otake was substituted. These formations seemed to suit them so I think they’ll continue to tinker with a stronger attack.

Oh, and a Random Game Fact: Jubilo’s slogan for this year is, I shit thou not, “Hungrrrrry!”. If that’s not a reason to cheer against them, I don’t know what is.

In other Group B action, Shimizu S-Pulse hosts “Tokyo” Verdy in Nihondaira. Verdy is 0-1-1 so far in the prelims and needs a win to have any sort of shot at advancing to the elimination stage, while Shimizu holds a one-point lead over FC Tokyo and Jubilo Iwata. So, best of luck to the S-Pulse in at least drawing. See you tomorrow night with the match report!